Julia Lima Rosengren Created and Producer of BEFORE SUNRISE.

I live in East Texas where I moved from Europe 6 years ago. Originally, I am from a tiny, very poor town in Brazil. It was a town where the people do not

have too many options to better their lives or the lives of their family. I was determined to get out and find that better life for myself and help provide one for my family.

At seventeen, I begged my father to give me permission to move to Sao Paolo to seek modeling work. From there my new career took me to Miami and around the world.

In Los Angeles I had my first encounter with the movie world when I was hired to be the body double for Teri Hatcher in a TNT movie called 'Running Mates'. Then I was hired to do the same for Kate Beckinsale in the blockbuster 'Pearl Harbor'.

Then, in something of a career switch, I became a spokesperson for a vodka brand.

I have been fortunate with some of the opportunities that have come my way but I worked very hard on them. Nothing has made me prouder than being able to provide for my family back in Brazil.

Eventually I moved to France to take a Chef's course and became very interested in

philanthropy and giving back to people in need. Then I became more concerned with not just giving to someone else's cause but creating my own.

That's really my life's work now.

I oversee more than a dozen major philanthropic projects including one particularly close to my heart. I am a founder-member of a Brazilian team of activists and artists that have formed

UNIAO GAIA, a collective that concentrates on issues affecting the planet.

I believe the short films can be a great part of that. One where we can support and nourish the love of the planet through the building of shared awareness.

Once I had the idea for the film during the early stage of the pandemic lock-down, I had to learn fast about all aspects of filmmaking. It has been both daunting and thrilling.

Particularly when I found myself playing all five characters!


HELENA RIUL  Writer and Co-Director of BEFORE SUNRISE and witer of Uniao Gaia, Music Video.

Helena is a Brazilian born, she is a filmmaker and Writer.

Here is some of her success background 


Roteiro e direção do curta-metragem O CURSO (2018)

Roteiro e direção do curta-metragem HOJE NÃO (2019)

Assistência de direção do curta-metragem A BENÇÃO (2019)

Roteiro e assistência de direção do curta-metragem BEFORE SUNRISE (2020)

Roteiro e direção do projeto musical  VOU BANINDO - UNIÃO GAIA (2020)



is Native Brazilian born with background Japanese.  

Director and Editor of BEFORE SUNRISE, Writer and editor of UNIAO GAIA music Video

Screenplay and direction of the short film Face of Revenge (2010)
Direction of the feature film Meia Luz (2010)
Screenplay and direction of the short film Análise da Culpa (2011)
Direction of the telemovie Festa dos Reis (2011)
Direction of the telemovie De Músicas, Cores e Bailados (2012)
Director of programs at Boavida and SBTMS (2012-2014)
Coordinator of the My First Film Film Workshop (since 2015)
Producer and director of the audiovisual production company Cine7 Films (since 2015)
Screenplay and Direction of the short film Alguém (2019)
Direction of the short film Before Sunrise (2020)

Director Statement